Antti Hernesniemi

When Letters and Numbers Quarrelled

Letters and Numbers were arguing which ones are the most important and doing well 

Letters said Yes were doing well Were always up and no one can be tossing us

Numbers said No We are doing much better than you All the businessmen and all the bank executives like us and let us hang around with them

Letters said  Hah hah But we bring a lot of joy to everyone All authors are our friends

Then Punctuations came there saying Oh oh oh We are the ones who are popular and doing well We will win all the favorite competitions and will be last on the stage We have always the last word

Letters and Numbers had to be quiet for a while

Punctuations had a dispute between Point and Comma They said they are the most popular and most visible

What do you say said Question mark and Exclamation mark We are the biggest and we will always finalize 

Question mark and Exclamation mark were very pleased with their success

But then Dash came on the scene It said  Well Well  Well All kind of things you babble Dont you know who is uttermost popular and has the right to dwell just any way anywhere

I just keep on laying down and dont need to do anything I am always surrounded by everyone I have a very nice and safe place Oh its great to be

Now Large Initials had already begun to get irritated with Letters and Numbers stuff  They had been silent but then they could no longer do

All kind of things you are talking about you ordinary laborers Dash is absolutely right Yes He is the most popular and most important and has the most space That has to be noticed  He always calms everything down whenever he arrives

But we are always on the stage We always start with all the important stuff We are the most important

Quotes had been out combing their hair until then Colons and Comma colons were confused They cried out Whats the point in all this

Dash continued its bragging It blamed Slash You  are always pretending to work although in reality you are just leaning against the wall  That talk annoyed Slash but it couldnt say anything at once

There followed a terrible fight between all of them Everyone hit everyone Eventually however they all began to get tired They gave up and took a retreat

And there came evening 

                       and there came night 

                                and there came a new morning

Letters decided the next day  No No No   No more such issues They left  Numbers and Punctuation marks and withdrew themselves 

Thats why  this story has NO punctuations

No quotes


No double-dots

Exclamation marks

No question marks

OR a dash

OR a slash

Didnt letters do correctly



Antti 2012  In Finnish - Suomeksi : Kun kirjaimet ja numerot riitelivät