Antti Hernesniemi

New Pianist Training Methods to Improve Technique and Avoid Ailments

I began to study possibilities to develop a personal pianist training program more profoundly ten years ago in 2002 when I began to study musicology at Helsinki University (*). With these few training methods I have been able to develop as a pianist and to play the music e.g. on my first CD "Compositions 1 - Sävellyksiä 1". I'll present some of these methods in this blog.   

(*) Before that I had finished my many years project to study Finnish traditional healers - bone-setters - muscle, nerve and joint treatments. My thesis was accepted at the Medical Faculty of University of Oulu in 1999 (Hernesniemi, A: Presentation of bonesetter-patient collaboration through positiographical cinemananalysis. Series D Medica 538. University of Oulu.  Oulu 1999). Concerning ethnomedicine, please visit authors blog